Trollbeads Inspiration: Sunshine On My Wrist


sunny-whopperIt’s a cool, and foggy day here on the West Coast… quiet, beautiful and eerie.  I do love days like this, where we feel like the mountains are wearing the clouds like a blanket, and the sky and the ocean blend seamlessly in the distance.  The clouds muffle the noises a little, but I can still hear the fog horns down on the harbour.  With the rest of the continent still

sunny-endlessrecovering from recent ice and snow storms, this calm and benign kind of winter is something for which I am deeply grateful.  Clouds or no clouds, I know that the first Spring flowers are only a matter of days away.

However.  Every now and again a girl – even a devout West Coastie like me – needs a little light.

sunny-front(Cue the triumphant yet ethereal music)

sunny-smileToday I’ll wear my sunshine on my wrist, as a personal and portable antidote to the dark days of winter.  It’s  a budget busting way to enjoy a little tropical sunshine – think of all the bead money you’ll save by not jetting off to a tropical getaway!  Even better, the beads are forever, and will be patiently wait for you, nestled in your jewel box,

sunnyfor the next time you need a little sunshine…

To create today’s warm and vibrant composition we combined golden yellows of various types with brilliant blue and a touch of clean white.  The blues range from a “Light Blue Gold”, to

cross-shaped-ambera very intense “Light Turquoise Prism”, with a classic core unique and “Turquoise Ribbon” to fill in the range of tones.  It doesn’t take much of such a distinct colour to create a strong palette for this bracelet design.  In fact, one could remove all blues from this bracelet – there are only four – and replace them with pinks, greens or lavenders to create an equally lovely design.  The golden yellow and white elements are a neutral base on which one could create endless variations.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Plain Lock”, “White Pearl”, “Unique Amber”, “Light Turquoise Prism”, “Endless”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Blizzard”, “Unique Cross Shaped Amber”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Light Blue Gold”, “Unique Oversized & Faceted Amber” (It’s a whopper!), “Classic Core Unique”, “Three Siblings”, “Unique Amber”, “Crown Chakra”, “Unique Amber”, “Three in One”, “Turquoise Ribbon”, “Classic Core Unique”, “White Pearl”.



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