Trollbeads Inspiration: Amythest Dream Necklace


We are huge fans of Trollbeads’ classic, “Fantasy” necklace series… with black Onyx or cultured pearl drops these necklaces are go to items for all of us at Tartooful, and a part of our daily wardrobe, whether we are at the gallery, our on the town, or simply hanging out with the kids and dogs!

Today we take a very quick peek at a rare item that was recently acquired by one of our dear clients… this Amethyst Fantasy Necklace is very special, very hard to find and very beautiful.  I spotted one at Tivoli when I was in Copenhagen last year, and was sorely tempted to add it to my own personal collection… I’m delighted that I will be able to “visit” with this one and play with it form time to time!


The Amythest drop is faceted, clear and very rich.  It’s quite round, a little different from a standard briolette, so it stands out as a stone that has been cut just for Trollbeads.  Here our client has created a vibrant combination that we think not only showcases the rich jewel tone of the amethyst, but also reflects her playful and witty personality.

Enjoy, AV, it’s beautiful!


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