Trollbeads Inspiration: Pistachio & Violets


purple-vineOver the past week we’ve been privileged to play with some of the loveliest uniques we’ve ever seen.  Trollbeads’ talented artisans have outdone themselves yet again, stunning us with incredible colour combinations, and delicate patterns that feel as though they must have been created by pixies.

buttercupOne of the combinations we’ve been inspired to play together – purple and green –  is an old favorite… but it feels fresh with a shot of new colour life, thanks to some gorgeous pistachio coloured uniques.  These designs, with their edgy greens and buttercup yellows, would also be perfect on a Spring bracelet filled with pinks & apricots.


Here these unusual greens sing with violets in a range of tones from light and delicate to deep and rich.

bubblesThe palette brings to mind candied violets and pistachio macaroons… sweet, luxurious indulgences that are just a little over the top.  We paired the glass with a few of the new floral designs from the Autumn collection.  Each of these flower themed beads features a tiny white pearl, nestled in silver.  Divine!

amber-flowersWe selected this “Amber Violets” for it’s particularly lovely, translucent blossoms.  They are so perfectly formed – one can peek below each petal and see the throat of the violet reaching down into the buttery, amber glass.  We’ve seen a wide range of expressions in this design, and they are each pretty in their own way.


It’s easy to overlook the importance of the choice of lock…  but look how perfectly matched this lock is for the mood and palette of this design!


Note:  all of the uniques on this bracelet are individually photographed and online in our Tartoofultoo online shop…


I do adore this colour combination, for it’s mouth waterlingly tart greens, it’s sweet lilacs and of course the “fizz” of a perfect complementary palette.  However, in the end what I think is smartest about this bracelet is its wearability, and flexibility… I can easily imagine wearing this bracelet through all seasons… and could remix the colours in a heartbeat to have an amber and lilac bracelet, or a green and pink bracelet.  They’re just great colours to have in the bead box.





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