Tell Your Story Design Contest – RC’s “Across the Sea”


rc-deepblue-tourmalated“Somewhere beyond the sea

Somewhere waitin’ for me

My lover stands on golden sand

And watches the ships that go sailin’….”


rc-deepblue-flowersThis gorgeous bracelet belonging to local collector, RC brings to mind Bobby Darin’s classic love song.  (Swoon…)

The subtle, deep blue tones blended with the hushed greys of the natural stones are at once peaceful and classically elegant.  The particular shade of blue that repeats throughout the bracelet is a favorite of mine.  It’s a cool blue, perhaps periwinkle is the best way to

bc-deepblue-stripe2describe it.  It’s got more than a little lavender in it, but in this case it’s very deep, edging on sapphire.  I notice this shade of blue unexpectedly hidden in the depths of many of our favorite production patterns of Trollbeads.  It’s peeking out from the edge of each black stripe in the “Khaki Stripe” at left.  You’ll also find it in “Black Flower

rc-deepblue-stripeMosiac”, in “Desert Flower”‘s blossoms and in the swirls of “Wildcat”.  It’s splashed all over “Flowers in Indigo”!  RC’s glowing examples of “Cool Dusk” and “Whitecaps” display the lightest tones of this blue, and give this composition lift and sparkle.  Take note of the amazing blue tones displayed in the limited edition “Peacock Pearl”…

bc-deepblue-scurve1Natural stones such as “Snowflake Obsidian”, “Dendritic Agate” and a gorgeous, “Tourmalated Quartz” ground the design with their subtle deep greys.  The few silver bead designs chosen for this bracelet have a certain

rc-deepblue-frontlovely formality to them.  The pair of “African Pride” lions that frame the central trio give strong structure to the entire composition, and the simple graphic designs of  “Sparkling Stars” and now-retired “Etruscan” are well matched and balanced.


The best part about this bracelet is that it’s the Trollbeads equivalent of the “LBD” or Little Black Dress.  One could easily wear this composition with everything from jeans and a white tee, to a classic evening gown.  The whole point with Trollbeads is, after all, to be able to enjoy one’s collection… so it’s wonderful to have a design that is not only composed of spectacular beads, but also easy to put on and *wear*!

Thank you to RC for allowing us to share this bracelet on our blog… if you love her creation be sure to check it out on Tartooful’s facebook page and give it a “Like” or “comment” to help it along in our “Tell Your Story” design contest, now underway.  If you have a design that you’d like to share with our viewers do pop in to the gallery for us to photograph it, or post your images on our facebook page to enter your bracelet for a chance to win!  Don’t forget to share your post with your friends online to increase your “likes” and chances of taking home a limited edition glass bead on November 7th….



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