Trollbeads Inspiration: Share Your Story With Us & Win…

rc-scurveARC’s collection tells a beautiful story…

rc-1Over the past few weeks we’ve been truly delighted that lots of our ladies have popped in to snap up one of the desirable and affordable “Stories of You” bracelets – with the faceted aurora bead and limited edition clasp.  It’s a lovely beginning for a brand new Trollbeads collector, or an inspiring start for a new composition in an established collection.

rc-2However, an unexpected pleasure for us has been seeing all the amazing bracelets that our ladies have been designing over the Summer, and being privileged to play with some gorgeous collections to assist in designing fresh bracelets for Fall.

rc-frontCan you tell she’s a BC girl?

rc4The bracelet we showcase today is the product of one of our design sessions with our fantastic client, RC.  Over the time she has been “Trolling” she has found some gorgeous beads, and has created a very well balanced collection, with a range of complementary colours, and huge potential for so many wonderful compositions.

rc-3It was pure pleasure to peek into her Trollbeads jewellery box and see the beautiful examples of favorite production beads, hard-to-find uniques and rare retireds.  In no time we had played together some fresh designs that will carry her into the Autumn, and made use of a few beloved beads that always seemed to challenge her.


Now here’s the exciting part….

We want you to share your Trollbeads Stories with us… the colour stories, the design stories… Where did you find your favorites?  Are there certain beads that express moments, or bring to mind special people?

Bring us your bracelets and share your story with us at Tartooful.  We will photograph your bracelet and post it on our facebook page for our community of collectors to enjoy.  The photo with the most comments and likes will win for its owner a very special, limited edition bead!

Not able to make it in to Tartooful in person?  No problem, post your bracelet on our facebook page and you can join in too!  The contest is open starting now… (ready set go!)… and we’ll choose a winner on November 7th, 2013.





2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Share Your Story With Us & Win…

  1. Gorgeous collection RC!
    Great contest idea Cathy!
    It’s so much more fun to troll together…I’ll have to breakdown and join Facebook, and not just “troll” via my husband’s account 😉

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