Trollbeads Inspiration: Daydream Bracelet


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

-Dr Seuss.

great-waveIt’s such a wonderful quotation, isn’t it?  One of my favorite authors and illustrators, never without a quirky, pithy mot juste.

It certainly feels appropriate for this bracelet, which was inspired by the idea of making a daydream design.  I wanted to put the “Wave of Dreams”, “Silver Lining” and “Thoughts are Free” all

fierce-blueon one composition, to evoke some quiet time of reflection, where one’s thoughts could wander freely.  I’m imagining this idyllic daydream happening on a perfect perch by the ocean where one can lie among the windblown trees, gaze out at the sea and simply watch the clouds as they scuttle past in a fiercely blue sky. 

autumn-blues3We’re lucky to have lots of those magical places nearby to our home, where the mountain just falls suddenly into the ocean with lots of scrubby trees tumbling down the rocks.  The rocks, lichen, trees and plants all are palette of mossy to emerald greens.  The ocean can take on a rich teal if the sky is clear, but clouds often turn it slate grey.

thoughts-plus-clouds=daydream This bracelet’s teal and brilliant blues feel very appropriate for the season… very denim-y and warm.  The olive notes stop it from being too tropical… and I’m particularly pleased with the way the blues bring out the aqua accents in the new Autumn series beads.  Olive is a colour that I always find useful as a way to give brights a bit of “edge”, and

grey-prism-is-really-greenwith the retirement of “deep bubbles” I found myself reaching for Summer Stones, Labradorite, and ransacking the uniques selection to fill that role.  It’s wonderful to have these new designs to play with.  (Hey Trollbeads, another with apricot highlights would be handy?)  One final tip: a bead that plays as olive is the “Grey Prism”…





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