Trollbeads inspiration: Big Rock Bangle


big-rock-bangle2Today we feature a recent bangle design by Cristi that combines some of the hot young stars of the new Autumn 2013 series with “Dichroic Ice”, a classic bead design that is long time favorite of ours at Tartooful.  The clear white dichroic glass is fascinating to examine, as it alternates between clear white and shimmering iridescence.

big-rock-bangle-4(See what I mean?)

This chameleon quality allows it to settle comfortably into classic white bracelets, but also to bring out blue, pink, green, or purple from its neighbours in a composition.

big-rock-bangle-5Here it echoes some of the fuschia and blue from the newly released “Moonlight Bubbles”.  This bead is part of the Aurora family of designs, and ranges beautifully from almost completely blue all the way to nearly orange.  All of the examples have waves of shimmering glass dotted with clear bubbles that feel like pearls.


The flash of shimmer and colour on this bangle might be what catches the eye… but the two “Diamond in the rough” silver beads will be what brings a smile to the eye… how fun!  They play on all our cultural associations with diamonds, and then brazenly toss them aside.  These are “rocks” for a very self sufficient, and utterly modern sort of girl.  What a wonderful gift from one friend to another… or to oneself!


One final note… I’m hoping to the “diamond in the rough” featured on lots of natural stone bracelet designs… what could be more clever than to blend it with other gems?

Where are you planning to put your new “rock”?



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