Trollbeads Inspiration: Surprise Necklace

fall-necklace-scurveThe Fall crop of Trollbeads is going to be stunning…

blue-diamond-closeToday I had a bit of an idea that really just got right out of hand… I began to build a bracelet design composed of rich, nutty browns with turquoise, teal and cobalt for a vibrant take on an Autumnal palette.  It would be a easy piece to pair with denim, but also fresh with the whites that we are seeing everywhere this Fall season.

fall-necklace-frontOops I made a necklace…what a nice surprise!

fall-necklace-doublefrontI kept finding gorgeous beads that would look great in the mix, and before you knew it, the project had grown from a bracelet to a leather cord necklace.  The chestnut tone of the leather looks fabulous with the colours in the composition!

IMG_2529 I could imagine a necklace such as this being designed from two or even three completed bracelets being scrambled together.  The key is to have a couple of beads that include several of the palette colours, to help to give the design cohesion.  Here, the two center uniques work beautifully as they include turquoise, brilliant blue and espresso.


Do you know, it takes two rods on a play tray to be able to design a full necklace like this one?  A longer rod, such as a narrow knitting needle, would definitely come in handy. (Don’t let anyone tell you that size doesn’t matter…) I used one rod for one half of the design, and a second rod for the other, placing them side by side to check for balance.


What do you think?  Do you have any bracelets that you’d enjoy as a necklace this Autumn?


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