Trollbeads inspiration: Fade to purple


purple-unique-2So much of our inspiration comes from our lovely Trollbeads collectors… take this bracelet, for example.  A few days ago, one of our ladies remarked that she was mulling a purple and cream design.  The idea took hold with me as well, and right away I started playing with  purples, various creamy glass options, and different styles of layout.

purple-unique-windowpaneI favoured the warmer range of purples, as they seemed to complement the creamy,  tones better than their more blue cousins.  These shades of purple are often accompanied by tiny touches of gold or flecks of yellow that make them suit the warmer ivory glass well.  I always like to design using as many uniques as possible, but ivory uniques

purple-uniquewere scarce on our display at the moment so I made good use of several production designs, including “White Paper Fold” and “Cream Armadillo”.

For the layout of the bracelet I tried various arrangements, but settled on an ombre effect, fading from a very rich Amethyst at

purple-linethe heart of the bracelet, to softest white at the ends of the bracelet.  This allowed me to bring many lovely soft purples into the composition to fade between the two extremes.

purple-frontAmethyst makes a dazzling centerpiece…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Cream Armadillo”, “Faces”, “Unique”, “White Stripe”, “Unique”, “Porcupine” (Hedgehog!) “Unique”, “Unique”, “Amethyst”, “Purple Armadillo”, “Unique”, “Sweater”, “Unique”, “Dendritic Agate”, “Unique”, “Heart Print”, “White Paper Fold”.


6 thoughts on “Trollbeads inspiration: Fade to purple

  1. Cathy, I have to admire the way you put the troll beads together. It’s a work of Art on it’s own to do that! They all look from good to Great!

  2. This bracelet is so pretty! I love the ombré effect and plan to use it now that I have collected enough beads to create more designs. I loved the 30 day challenge because it taught me so much and now that I have enough beads to play with I’m enjoying challenging myself by coming up with new ways to put them together. Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  3. I so agree Carol! Cathy’s 30 day challenge was a lovely intro to bead making class for us! And I love this purple. Troll doesn’t seem to make as many purple uniques as some other colors – and these are just gorgeous! Love the stained glass bead, and the tiny faces bead is so cute – am going to have to look that one up:)

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