Trollbeads Inspiration: Late Summer Whites

august-inspiration-morning-lightAugust 2013 Inspiration Bracelet by Trollbeads

oatmealHave you seem the simple and beautiful creation by Trollbeads for August 2013?  It’s a lovely reminder that sometimes less really is more… and feels just right as we try to enjoy the last few weeks of sunshine before we turn back towards the darker months of the year.

390848_10150458913427441_77268437440_8831290_1696409675_nSeeing how warm the “Cozy” bead feels in this months’ bracelet made me reach back through some of my photo files to find other white bracelets that we have admired… Often it’s the glint of gold that gives these compositions their shimmer, other times it’s a natural stone’s glow.


In the case of this unusual composition, a bold statement is made through the repetition of only two bead designs… “Chrystal Triangles” and the simple “White Pearl” alternate here creating a lovely rhythm of pattern, sparkle and shimmer.  Not many would have the discipline to resist all the other gorgeous Trollbeads bead designs and restrict oneself to just two patterns!

white-spirit-trinityscurveI certainly wouldn’t be able to… my bracelet would end up looking a bit more like the one here at right… softest greens and blues, a touch of gold and natural whites all blending to create a “white” bracelet that could be worn year round – well after labour Day!



2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Late Summer Whites

  1. Welcome back, Cathy!
    So glad that you had a nice break on Pender (great photos, BTW!!) but happy to have you back blogging! …. Checking your daily posts is one of my favourite things to look forward to!! 😉

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