Trollbeads Inspiration: Radiant Earth


IMG_2022After more than a month of pure sunshine we are back to the wet here on the West Coast… it’s much needed for our astonished gardens, but a bit of a shock to have to slip on a cardigan this morning.

It’s the perfect time to show you this composition, a blend of warm, natural stones, and gleaming gold.

IMG_2024The release of the Limited Edition Summer Stones series gave us lots of textured, warm and earthy natural stones to play with… we’ve had such fun trying different combinations!  These beauties are gorgeous with lilac purples, slate blues, and crisp whites.  Today, however, we played with gold.  It only takes a few gleaming touches to take this bracelet from boho to luxe.  We selected beads such as the “Third Eye Chakra”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Golden Cave”, and a “Golden Quartz”.

IMG_2021We chose an array of stones that display the beautiful range of colours and textures of these lovely stones.  Some are nearly all ivory, others very dark.  Some have golden undertones, others a bit more pink.  I love the shattered look of the one above – it reminds me of midcentury composite stone floors…

IMG_2025We have some lovely uniques at the moment, so we found perfect additions to this composition from that design group as well… A little clear unique with a shimmering gold “pinwheel” helps to keep the design light and airy, and a dramatic, golden “Magic

IMG_2023Carpet” nicely balances the “Golden Quartz” on the other side of the bracelet.  We found that our two in stock examples of “Golden Cave” were so different that we wanted to add both of them, so that we could display the huge range of expression in this beloved bead design.  From soft gold and lilac, to tangerine bronze they are fascinating.


We decided to feature just one, bold silver on this composition.  The barrel shaped silvers such as “Opposites” are challenging and very rewarding to use.  I love to see them on a Fantasy necklace, stacked richly on a bracelet, or, like here, as a dramatic focal point bead.


Well, now that the gardens are nicely watered perhaps we can get back to a little more sun?


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