8 thoughts on “Trollbeads News: Critters!

  1. Hi Cathy, hopefully you are recovering fast? Can I ask you to watch out for me for a cod fish like the one attached?Thats the only critter I want, and this one just slipped my keyboard a little while ago 😦 Best summer-wishes from Anne – Norway…wanna go fishing, so I throw out the line in the pond of Tartooful 😉

    Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:40:52 +0000 To: lilleanneby@hotmail.com

    1. Hi Anne, I’d be happy to look out for one, but I can’t seem to see the attached photo? Would you mind emailing it me? Fingers crossed for good fishing… Thanks so much! Cathy

    1. Hi Regina, I’m sorry but I think the fish was snapped up in seconds flat. I didn’t even get to see it in person! We’ll definitely be ordering more of these, and I’ll put your name in the book for a nice fish… xo C

  2. HI Cathy,
    Didn’t see the fishes or any of the pink turtles in the store must of called
    the day that was super busy for your critters….
    I will be interested in the fish or the pink turtle if you have them again …
    I appreciate the customer service that Christi provides as well She is Great!

    1. Hi Georgina, It’s true that the critters ran out the door pretty quickly – I think there are still turtles, just not in pink. I’m sorry we couldn’t get more in right away, we will have to be patient and wait to get another batch – but there will be more! Thank you for your support and kind words, I feel very lucky to have Cristi at Tartooful! C

    1. …I haven’t seen any unique glass froggies yet – but would love to come across one! I’ve asked at Trollbeads and we haven’t got any at all here in Canada. Has anyone else heard of or seen one?

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