Trollbeads Inspiration: Perfume of Summer


We’ve officially entered the “Hazy Lazy” days of Summer, with brilliant, hot days that slide into long, warm cedar-scented evenings.


IMG_1858It’s a smell that takes me directly onto a forest trail on a stifling Summer afternoon… that pungent, sweet aroma of cedar boughs simmering in the sun and being crushed underfoot as one walks.  Breathing in that perfume in the cathedral stillness of the green light of the forest is the quintessential West Coast experience.

IMG_1859In other climates there are other bouquets that mark Summer… I have dimly remembered scent memories of hot pine needles and salt water on the blindingly turquoise South coast of Turkey.  I’ve had a memorable moment in New Orleans, when the thunderstorm broke into torrential rainfall onto the hot streets, creating a

IMG_1860perfume unique to Summer in the city… a friend calls it “Eau de Asphalto”.  Then there are the flowers that mark the stages of the season… I swoon for the intoxicating smell of Summer blooming jasmine or nicotiana at night… love to crush hot lavender or rosemary leaves in my hand… and then there’s the divine heliotrope.


What are the perfumes of Summer for you?


Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Unique”, “Unique”, “Planet, small”, “Pink desert”, “Universal Unique”, “Golden Cave”, “Butterflies”, “Green Rhyolite”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Canadian Jade”, “Bouquet of Flowers”, “Unique”, “Universal Unique”, “Unique”, “Harmony”, “Unique”, “Unique”…

IMG_1857PS it was such fun to be able to play with all the new beads on the display today to build this display bracelet!  For the past month all the beads shown have been from my personal collection, but today’s post’s beads are all available!


4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Perfume of Summer

  1. What a pretty colour combination!! (the light pink bead with green dots reminds me of watermelon for some reason) And your tale to go with it is so eloquently told (as usual!!), Cathy!! Thanks for posting another beautiful creation…. I was afraid of going through “bracelet withdrawal” with the end of the 30 day challenge!

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