Trollbeads Design Challenge: Final Day!


I cannot believe that it has been an entire month.

Thirty days, and more than thirty designs later I don’t feel as though I have even begun to explore the possibilities in my modest collection, and I am overwhelmed at the potential for beautiful composition.


It was very hard to choose one last design to showcase here on this blog… Of course, I wanted to finish on a high note, with a dramatic, unforgettable bracelet design.  More than that, however, I wanted to finish the way I had set out to begin… with a sense of adventure, playfulness and willingness to try something new.  So rather than just try for simply “beautiful”, I decided to dive in and once more explore a fresh approach to my collection.


Throughout the challenge I had arrayed my beads into colour families while designing each bracelet.  I decided to begin this bracelet by arranging the beads instead into material types – stones, ambers, glass, and silver.


Seen this way, totally fresh and new design ideas began to form in my head.  I chose to play with just the stones in my collection.. (Who knew I had this many?!)… and began to see what kind of composition I could create using exclusively those.


Starting with all the stones together on the tray, I slowly edited and shifted the beads to create small clusters of complementary colour.  I remembered that fellow Challenger, LeAnn Lowe had mentioned that she was beginning to become attracted to the “Ball Of Yarn” bead that has been featured in so many of this month’s bracelets, so with a little smile to myself I placed it in the middle of the bracelet.  After all, this exercise has been all about encouraging each other, and garnering inspiration and ideas from each others’ creations.


Working outwards from the “Ball of Yarn”, I tried to balance light and dark, facets and smooth, clear and opaque, patterned and plain, narrow and wide… I edited out the extremes of colour, opting not to work with a few favorite stones because they called too much attention to themselves.  (Sorry, lovely faceted claret coloured amber…)


Even within such a narrow definition of only one little collection there is so much diversity… and in order to create a composition that is truly harmonious there are so many elements to consider  Fortunately, with Troll it is so simple to play, design and freely create.  Trollbeads is pure fun!

I hope that this past month has inspired some of you to actively enjoy your collections; to play, create and design beautiful compositions that make your hearts sing… A huge, heartfelt thank you to LeAnn Lowe and Melinda Deyhle who faithfully posted their designs every day on our facebook page, as well as all you other ladies who shared selected designs along the way… Melinda & LeAnn, we have a very special Troll treat headed your way to show you how much we appreciate your support!



6 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Final Day!

  1. ANOTHER beauty….. Very soft and “earthy”!! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Cathy. It’s been fun checking the blog everyday to see what you’ve created!!

    1. I too really enjoyed seeing each new creation. I found myself waking up daily these 30 days to see each lovely new design you had created. I also enjoyed reading your colourful description of the bracelets . I love reading your blog and I have found new inspiration to be more creative in my trollbead bracelet designs! Jennifer ( Maple Ridge Troll friend 😉

  2. I agree Jennifer! Cathy is a true inspiration! I learned so much this month. I have been inspired by many collector’s photographs, but Cathy has a very special way of sharing the “how” of her beautiful creations. I love reading her blog because I know I’m going to learn something, and I have a new appreciation for the time and effort it takes to create her amazing designs, photograph them, and share her thought process.

  3. so many beautyful brscelets. I wish i had more beads, but I just started collecting.

    so many different desings BUT why always the same lock? there is many much prettier locks than that. And i think that i read in somewhere that this simpliest lock is not sturdy enouht if the bracelet is full.?.

    1. Hello there! welcome to Tartooful’s blog! The bracelets that you have been viewing over the course of the Challenge are all part of my personal collection. This is a little unusual, as normally here on the blog we show a range of designs, including ones by our customers and ones that are available for sale. The clasps that you saw in my collection are not the same ones that are currently available as “basic double lobster locks”. They were retired some time ago, and are bigger than the current version. We recommend a one-piece, decorative lock for very full bracelets that are going to be worn for daily use. The small basic locks are stronger than they look, and are perfect for lighter loads. Thanks to everyone for checking in today, even though the challenge finished yesterday…

  4. Thank you for much for designing all these beautiful bracelets every day! It has been so much fun to see what new and creative ideas you would come up with – and you have had such lovely and unexpected ways of using the beads. Such a creative inspiration! I look forward to reading your future blogs as your beautiful photos and ideas are always a creative inspiration to my personal TB creations!

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