Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 29


IMG_1670In these last days of the challenge I am trying to implement design ideas developed over the course of the past month.  The aim of the challenge was to rediscover the potential of my own collection, to break down my preconceptions of how pattern and colour could be combined, and ultimately, (hopefully), become a better designer.

IMG_1669It has been humbling.  I certainly discovered some shortcomings… both in my abilities and in my collection.  For example, I’d like to add some golden yellow to my palette.  I realized this after seeing the powerful complementary role it plays in fellow challenge designer. LeAnn Lowe’s incredible compositions.  Melinda Deyhle’s delicious combinations of blues and honeyed yellows made me miss a few beads that I have had and given up along the way.  I really must replace “Moon Ocean”, “Beach”, “Cool Dusk” and “Honey Dawn”.  (Some beads stay forever on my bracelet, others I part with if a customer really, really needs it!)


IMG_1664I never would have composed a bracelet like this one before the challenge.  Here I’ve colour blocked the glass in equal sets of three.  Between those sets of I have grouped silvers, also in sets of three.  I played with the difference in shape between the “doughnut” shaped silver and the perfectly round spheres.


IMG_1665This bracelet design is very structured, but having tight limitations on a given design can inspire greater heights of creativity.  In this case, being able to pick only *three* beads of each colour made me look very closely at each one and try hard to put together a trio where not only were the individuals lovely, but also complementary to each other.


This bracelet is wonderfully tactile.  Groupings of silver beads flow on the chain in a way that is very heavy, fluid and satisfying.  I confess that while I have always admired the silver, and acquired some lovely pieces, I have not tended to fall in love with them the way I do glass and natural stones.  However, over the course of the challenge I have finally begun to understand the powerful role that the silver can play, and I know that it will affect how I see silver from now on.


One.  Last.  Day.  What to design?!  There are still too many compositions to create!


5 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 29

  1. Your design today is just beautiful! I never would have thought to place the silvers the way you did. And the colors are so soft and lovely. You have inspired me to collect some beads in this muted color pallet as an addition to the brights that I usually gravitate to! Thank you for the 30 Day Callenge. I have learned so much from it!

  2. This is very cool Cathy! I have to admit I developed a much greater appreciation for the silvers myself during the challenge, and I love what you have done here. Some days a silver bracelet is just perfect. Like Carol, I also developed an appreciation for the more muted tones, as many of my beads are jewel tones of some type. I love the focal bead here – what a unique and special design you created today!

    1. Hello there! I think that the bead that caught your eye is a clear blue bubbles unique. So it’s not a production bead, but one of a kind. However, we do see similar ones from time to time in similar colours… I love how much this type of bead seems to glow! Thanks for taking the time to take a peek at the blog… C.

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