Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 25


Today’s design is a pair of bracelets that I designed to wear together… they’re inspired by the jewellery of the West Coast Surf culture, and are meant to wear on a casual Summer day, hopefully idling the warm hours away at the beach.

IMG_1625The first bracelet that I created was the black suede bracelet at left.  I added only a few little silver beads, and then twisted the two strands to ply the bracelet into a double, twisted rope.  I learned how to ply yarn while helping my Mother when she used to spin her own wool.  I used a vastly simplified version of the same technique here.


To replicate the thick effect, hold the two metal capped ends of the bracelet in one hand, and the end with the clasp in the other.  Simply twist the two ends of the bracelet in opposite directions until they are super tight.  Then, fold the taut strands carefully and exactly in half, and they will wrap around themselves into a thick rope.  (It sounds more complicated than it is…)  I used my standard double lobster clasp to hold it all together, but it would be much prettier, and easier, using one of the decorative locks.  I put the silver capped ends as well as the end with the tiny holes into one half of the lock, and then put one of the leather strands through the other half of the lock.

IMG_1627I am quite delighted with this technique for making a thick, sturdy and comfortable bracelet from the leather.  I do find that unless they fit just right they flop around a bit.  This is a great method for making a floppy bracelet behave itself again.

photoI felt like adding another fine chain to my stack of bracelets, so I quickly put together a twist on the solo pearl design.  I strung a tiny sterling ring on to keep my pearl company.  I wore this ring when I was a child, and now often enjoy it as a slender accent between glass or amber Trollbeads.  Here it seems to orbit the pearl, and jingles gently.


I’m really so pleased with my new leather idea – I can’t wait to try it out with a decorative clasp and various bead ideas!


6 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 25

  1. Beautiful modern feel to it! Love everything about this – the addition of the silver ring to the Peacock Pearl, the twists to the black leather, and the small silvers! Wonderful inspiration, as always!

  2. How on earth did you get that little clasp onto the thick leather?
    I know, you slide it onto the middle of one strand before you start twisting!?

    1. Exactly, Anne! It would be so much easier with one of your decorative locks. That way you could put the large side of the lock on the strand afterwards, when you want to put the bracelet on. This leather feels so good on the wrist! Perhaps it is an idea for your friend? C

  3. Beautifully done, Cathy! But I can’t figure out how you have attached the ring to the pearl??!!!! Can you please clue me in?

    1. they’re not attached – the ring is simply threaded onto the bracelet as if it were a regular bead… it can move about freely. It would probably look odd if it weren’t such a tiny ring! C

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