Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 14

IMG_1433Part 1

IMG_1431Today is really the first of two parts… I envisioned a pair of bracelets that were designed to be worn either together or apart.  Each one should have its own distinct colour palette, but be complementary to each other so that they could really be worn several different ways.  However, one step at a time; let’s begin with the first design.

IMG_1435Knowing that the overall project would require a total of quite a few beads, I went with a soft palette that offered lots of options.  The first bracelet is all different shades of light blue, lavender and green.

IMG_1432I took inspiration from two silver beads with dichroic glass in lovely shades of mint, periwinkle, and aqua.  They are placed prominently on the bracelet, next to beads that help to enhance their already lovely colouring.  I like to put “Chalcedony” next to this “Trinity”, and like to balance “Silver mountain” with “Light blue shadow”.

IMG_1430The overall look and feel for which I was hoping was light and shimmery, just like the dichroic glass.  I was wishing that I had a “Dichroic Ice” to add to this bracelet.  I did have one, but let a desperate husband buy it off my bracelet one day when we were out of stock.  However, no cheating for me!  I resisted the urge to snag one out of tartooful.

The good thing to take away is that “Dichroic Ice” a bead that would be useful in my collection that I ought to acquire when this is all over.  I’ve come across a few little gaps in my collection through this process, which has been such a good learning experience.  For example, I think I should look for a couple of nice yellows to round out my palette and offer a good complementary tone for my purples, pinks, blues and greens.  Overall, however,  I’m delighted every day with all the options at my fingertips, and haven’t been stumped even once.  Interestingly, I don’t really pick beads based on “gaps” in my collection, or composing specific bracelets.  I just take home the beads that I fall in love with, and somehow it all seems to work out.



4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 14

  1. Love the pale version of Sandstone next to Silver Mountain, and the way the Chalcedony glows softly. Such a beautiful composition.

  2. I love so much reading your blog everyday to see what new designs you can come up with! Just a suggestion, but would you ever think about listing at the end of your blog design pic the names of all the TB charms that are on your creation of bracelet? As a new Trollbeads collector, I get so confused hunting down which charm I like based on looks alone rather than not knowing the charms name. Thanks! Keep up the excellent ideas for us, please! 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I’m sorry I haven’t been listing which beads I’ve been using while working with my own collection over the course of the design challenge… I don’t know why I thought it was silly to list them all for that, of course people still want to know what they are looking at! Usually I list them all under each bracelet’s photograph when I show it in a circle – if you check back into the archives you’ll find tons of examples of that. I’ll be sure to get back to listing them all again. Thanks for the good feedback, and kind words… and welcome to the fascinating world of Trollbeads & their Trollies! C

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