Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 12


IMG_1410Today’s bracelet is inspired largely by bracelets that have been shared with us by some of our fantastic Trollies who are playing along with us for the 30 day Trollbeads design challenge…

IMG_1409It’s one of the perennially astonishing parts of being involved with Trollbeads… the sense of community and support that we receive from our beloved Trollies is nothing less than amazing.  We are in awe of our ladies’ strength, intelligence, resilience and caring.

IMG_1415…So it’s not surprising that these remarkable women inspire us every day with their imagination, spark of wit, and creative spirit.

The jewellery designs that our Trollbeads collectors compose are so very beautiful.

Over the course of the past

IMG_140511 days I have savoured the designs posted each day on our Facebook page, and they have definitely influenced my designs in turn.  One of the colour combinations that struck a chord with me was earthy browns and rich purples.

IMG_1413One of the things I realized from this design exercise was just how much purple is in my collection!  For a Trollie who doesn’t give much thought to purple I certainly seem to have acquired my share of lilac and lavender beads.  I think I simply like the way that they complement other colours, such as light blue and mossy green.

However, now that I’ve noted that colour element in my collection, it’s great if I find new ways to use and enjoy those beads… This bracelet was a step in that direction.



P.S.  Still no progress on the all silver design block.  Work continues.

2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 12

  1. Wow!!! This is gorgeous – you really know how to make the beauty of each bead shine from your designs – the Scott B bead is so wonderful with your lilacs and pinks. The Rhyolite makes such a great neighbor for the beautiful and unusual blue/purple stripe. Another gorgeous combination! (And good luck with those silvers:) The 30 day challenge has been a wonderful learning experience for me!

  2. Oh yeah! Another beauty that I could easily wear with what I’m in today too…browns and purples in both my outfit and (mostly) Trollbeads bracelet and leather necklace.
    I’m with you on the all silver exercise…can’t help but undo “the project” again to flare it up with at least a glass bead every third space or so. The beautiful glass beads, even when they are oh so pale, neutral or subtle just won’t be ignored!
    Don’t forget to show us a fantasy necklace “necktie” stacker or two!
    Loving your style as always…

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