Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 8

IMG_1221Day 8: Another Surprise

So.  here’s a surprise… I have a really *really* hard time making up a Trollbeads bracelet with all silvers.  I set out to showcase some of my quirkier silver bead designs, such as the “Brandenburg Gate”, “Clown” and “Playing Cards”.  Not silvers that just blend in… but ones that I love for all different reasons.

IMG_1225My first thought was to do all silvers – all different shapes and sizes, and perhaps to use smaller silvers inbetween the big ones to offer the eye a rest between the large images.  But no… I put it all on there and it just felt all wrong.  I know I’m not supposed to overthink it, and perhaps I should have just worn it to see if I got used to it…

IMG_1229But somehow  I just couldn’t imagine wearing it all day.  So then I thought I’d add just a few totally neutral, mostly shades of white, glass and amber beads…. just to give the eye the calm space between the silver images.  Well, long story short, you can see how well I adhered to those rigid guidelines.  How do you like my all white and silver bracelet?

IMG_1224There are just too many beautiful colours to play with…

IMG_1226All kidding aside, I do feel as though this exercise has shown me a few of my own design weaknesses, and I know I will return to that playtray and try again and again with all silvers until I discover how I can make that idea work for me.  Meanwhile, today I am enjoying this calm palette, which showcases the subtle shades of the natural stones.


This time I tried placing each side of the “Bead of Fortune” on either end of the bracelet, to “cap” the ends… You may be curious what the earthy, striped bead is that is shown above?  You’ll notice that it is an artisan bead with no silver core.  It was purchased as a gift for me at the studio of Scott Bouwens, the glass designer who created the Rocky Beach kit for Trollbeads.  In person it has an iridescent sheen to it that is fascinating.


Day 8.  Silvers, this isn’t over between you and me.  I’ll be back…



2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 8

  1. I love this bracelet! I personally have never done aIl silvers, because I love the stones and glass too much:) The silvers are just gorgeous against them. The closest I have ever come is every other silver. I would be much more likely to do an all glass, or all stone, bracelet:) Good luck with your quest!

  2. I don’t have enough silvers to even try using them exclusively. II love color too much to even attempt it if I could! I love the designs you’ve come up with during this challenge and look forward to each day for the next one! Sadly my bead supply is too limited to join the challenge but I will do it someday when I’ve collected more beads!

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