Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 6

IMG_1212A Happy Accident

IMG_1213Today’s bracelet is inspired by the happy accident of some beads’ placement on the play tray.  This morning I disassembled yesterday’s bracelet as usual, and grouped beads roughly according to colour.  When I glanced down at the rods with their neat cohorts of glass, my eye fell on a deliciously sparkling combination.

IMG_1207My eyes love to play across the sparkles

IMG_1210Now that I’ve seen these three beads together I can’t believe I’ve never created a bracelet using this exact combination.  I’ve owned all these beads for years!  I must have played with multiple deserts before, for clients’ compositions, but never on my own.  The rest of the bracelet followed so naturally, it was designed and strung in minutes.

IMG_1214Familiar, yet fresh thanks to the sparkling center portion featuring “Pink Desert”, “Golden Cave” and “Brown Desert”.  I’ve seen older examples of “Golden Cave” that were soft and tawny versions of this bead, with hardly any bronze and lots of smooth, metallic lilac toned gold.  They are stunning and I feel like I missed out by not finding one sooner.  Perhaps one day I will stumble across one.  It’s all part of the allure of Trollbeads.

IMG_1205I couldn’t wait to wear this design


3 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 6

  1. Wow! I love this combo! As we enter day 6, I’m realizing how versatile the Brown Desert is – it finds its way easily into most of my bracelets and picks up all the surrounding glitter in the neighboring glass. Wonderful to create a glittery/metallic focal grouping! Beautiful blend today!

  2. ❤ to see the Red/pink prism in this combo, it gives it a little blush 😉
    I have no intention of adding brown to my own collection even though I clearly see the beauty!
    That´s som of the TB fun – appreciating what you wouldn´t wear yourself!

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