Inspiration from Trollbeads: A Stroll in the June Garden

june-inspiration“Lovely scents are in the air and beauty is all around you. We present the June Inspiration bracelet, Garden Stroll.”

I always enjoy the monthly inspiration bracelets from Trollbeads, but this bracelet is particularly delightful!  I’m inspired by its deft handling of coral toned beads; blending them with lilac and a touch or rich purple in an unexpected palette that sings.  It includes favorite silvers such as “Forget Me Not”, “Lotus” and “Ladybug”, but also lesser used treasures such as 18k Gold Bouquet.  “Three Flowers, Gold” is one of the gold beads that we most admire, with its gorgeous shimmering dichroic glass jewels.  It looks particularly lovely next to the Rosa pearl, where it reflects the pearls’s soft peach blush. The addition of rich gold beads such as these is like a ray of sunshine in the garden.


Interesting to note that Trollbeads has employed a fresh design strategy… In the linear photo above it’s clear to see that they have created smaller colour groupings that balance each other on either side of a central Amethyst.  However, they have not blended the two colour elements of coral and lilac together – each is separated into it’s own area of the bracelet.  They also have not attempted perfect balance of gold and silver, or adhered to the rigid rule of larger silvers in the middle, tapering to smaller at the outside.  The bracelet is stunning, and so a good reminder to us to keep our guidelines loose and enjoy the overall impact of the bracelet, rather than obsessing over every internal detail.

Next up:  The 30 day bracelet design challenge….



One thought on “Inspiration from Trollbeads: A Stroll in the June Garden

  1. Oooooooh, that sounds awesome, Cathy!! You are so creative and always piquing our interest!! Can hardly wait to see!! 😉

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