Trollbeads Inspiration: LD’s Unexpected & Beautiful Palettes

Orange Swirls Filmall photos courtesy of LD – thank you!

Today’s rich mine of inspiration comes courtesy of one of our lovely Tartoofulers from the USA… she sent me this amazing photo, along with a few words about how she came to collect Trollbeads:

” I started because my husband gave me a complete Pandora bracelet – I couldn’t get it on and off – broke my nails – etc.  I literally never wore it.   So I started hunting around for something else, and stumbled into Troll on-line.  I just never connected with Pandora, and don’t like it to this day….Definitely the beauty of the beads is what started me down this path.  But then I think it was the puzzle of the beads – how to create new things out of these disparate creations that might not be expected, that kept me going….”

Butterfly Glitter Garden“Butterfly Glitter Garden”

Having begun her collection in 2011, LD has since explored a few of the fabled retired beads, such as the Tibetan series, Russian Pink Amber and the Siberian Tiger.  Many more of the production beads and creative uniques that are are currently being produced by Trollbeads are now in her collection, and even a few gold designs grace her bracelets.  However, what really inspires us is her wonderful sense of colour, and the way she combines textures and unexpected palettes.

Buddha's Playground“Buddha’s Playground”

“I’m completely captivated by Troll – I love to photograph the bracelets, take them apart, start over.  Just endless fun for me.”

The above bracelet is a perfect example of a totally fresh colour combination – periwinkle and tangerine is not an intuitive palette, but here it is drop dead gorgeous and the best use of the “Royal Orange” that I’ve ever seen!

Powder Puffs“Powder Puffs”

LD doesn’t shy away from hard-to use beads, but artfully combines them with neutrals of golden yellow, ivory, vicuna and olive.  In the composition above, she creates a creamy bracelet with an edge of zesty lime…

Messenger and Crane“Messenger and Crane”

“Sometimes I take a bead I’m not wild about – and challenge myself to make something beautiful out of something that  may not start out that way to me.  The Messenger and Crane bracelet started out that way – the grey Jasper is really pretty awful – but in combination – a treasure.”

This soft, natural take on aqua is a palette that speaks to us at Tartooful, and what a beautiful example this is.  Note outstanding beads here such as the “Tourmalated Quartz”, retired “Crane” and some of the European release limited edition stones.  The dichroic glass accents in the “King and Queen” “troll with Big Feet” and “Trinity” are particularly effective in tying together the palette of various turquoises and greens.

Faerie Glen, SkyeFaerie Glen, Skye

Here is yet another example of an unexpected and lovely colour combination… with oxblood red, rich green, teal, caramel and lightest blue, it sounds unlikely – but what a successful experiment!  Here some hard-to-find beads shine, such as the “Green Lilac Armadillo”, “Noh Masks”, spectacular “Ornament Unique” and a petite “Small and Beautiful Unique”.

Jade Garden“Jade Garden”

What a fresh & delicious photo!  It’s like a snappy green apple, isn’t it?  This makes me want to go play with the new “Canadian Jades” on the display at Tartooful and experiment, combining them with clear lemony and butter yellow ambers right away…. This is such a wearable bracelet – dressed up or down, day or evening, summer or winter it would feel right with practically everything.

LD has one, last, wonderful photo for us, but you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to see it.  It’s so good, it deserves a post all to itself.  So Stay tuned…

A *huge* thank you to LD for trusting us with some of her recent acquisitions, and for sharing her lovely collection with all our readers!


4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: LD’s Unexpected & Beautiful Palettes

  1. Gorgeous bracelets and beautiful photos!! Love looking at other Trollie’s bracelets…. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I am always so inspired by Cathy’s bracelets – as well as her customers! She has such a wonderful, unique way of highlighting the beauty of each and every bead in the bracelet, I always want to run for my bead box!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing with us. This collector’s bracelets are very beautiful. I love so many of her beads!

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