Trollbeads News: Summer Stones

Well, this *is* exciting…


The new Summer Stones from Trollbeads are here!  This is the series that truly has something for every collector, and every composition.  If you love the natural stones in the collection, then you are going to have to come take a peek at these…


300x300The new stones are all cabochon, or polished smooth.  They include “Dalmatian Jasper”, “African Amethyst”, “Rhyolite”, “Red Mud Jasper”, “Zebra Jasper” and “Canadian Jade”.  This gives a truly lovely range of colours, with so many possible design applications.

Love uniques?  These definitely qualify – every single natural stone has its own personality.  Love warm, earthy tones?  Cool, minimalist & urban?  Pretty and pastel?  The designs of the Summer stones series can enhance almost any palette.  (We had a good play with the new beads and have photographed some ideas that we’ll share with you over the next couple of days…)

On a side note, We are delighted that a Canadian stone has been included in this collection… (We’re totally stoked, eh!  Pass the maple syrup.)  Canadian Jade is in fact a different type of stone than the classic Oriental Jadeite.  The rich green IMG_1036stone that is called Canadian Jade is a close elemental relative named Nephrite.  We are particularly excited that this stone is native to our own Province of British Columbia.  Each year, BC produces around three quarters of the Canadian Jade that is sold around the world.  With vast reserves of huge deposits of this gorgeous stone, it is used for everything from massive statues of the Buddha, to intricately carved jewellery, to impressive slab doors for the Playboy mansion… and now, Trollbeads.


Stay tuned for some fresh inspiration, and be sure to pop by the gallery soon to come see these new lovelies for yourself…


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