Trollbeads Inspiration: Singing Fireflies


Today’s bracelet inspiration comes from one of our dear customers… she has an eye for the unusual, and creates compositions of the softest, most subtle tones that simply glow.

km-azureShe is particularly attracted to this shade of green… not green exactly, but a haze of celadon, with highlights of gold that give it an overall green feel.  It matches her eyes, and simply makes her happy every time she sees it.  This “Azure Bubbles” is precisely the right colour and has found a home on nearly every one of her creations.

km-moonstoneIn this design the objective was to create a two colour composition using the softest lavender and pale mossy green.  With natural stones such as “Chalcedony” and “Labradorite” to play with, as well as this stunning “Beige Moonstone”, KM had a beautiful selection of beads to use as a foundation for the design.

km-purple-flower-mosiacAs she added more elements she realized that the bracelet was the perfect composition for “Fireflies”… with its subtle palette of warm ivory, sage green and lilac, it is easy to overwhelm with colours that are too strong.  Balanced well by “Beige Moonstone”, it absolutely sings in this perfectly matched, soft and pretty design.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Freja lock”, “Peacock Pearl”, “”Lavender Prism”, “Blue Desert”, “Sparrow”, “Deep Bubbles”, “Beige Moonstone”, “Chalcedony”, “Zanzibar”, “Labradorite”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Labradorite”, “Carved Flowers”, “Faceted Chalcedony”, “Fireflies”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Heart”, “Universal Unique”, “Grey Prism”.

Thank you, KM!


3 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Singing Fireflies

  1. Thank you Cathy for featuring my bracelet on your blog. I always enjoy looking and falling in love with other trollies compositions. Your photos make me see my bracelet through different eyes and fall in love with my beads all over again.

  2. Hi Kate…your bracelet is just lovely!
    My newest bracelet has chalcedony & “labs” together and I love
    the combination…very soft and wearable!!

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