Trollbeads Inspiration: All in a Row…


It can be one small gesture on a bracelet that makes it completely one’s own.  Here, PP has put three sparrows in a row in the heart of her bracelet design, a tiny symbolic act of love for her family.

ducks2This unusual design is most pleasing to the eye… the three beads function as one large and dramatic piece, which is beautifully balanced by other large silvers such as “The Spirit of Freedom” and “The Hare and the Tortoise”.

PP has chosen a blend of retired glass and glittering natural stones for a rich composition with lots of interest.  “Flowers on Indigo” is a keystone bead that sets the palette of deep green and royal purple.


I love that PP broke the design “rules” with such beautiful results… a great reminder to have the confidence to make one’s bracelet one’s own.


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