Trollbeads Inspiration: A Hint of Pink


pink4Today a new Troll collector paid us a visit with her first bracelet… so far, she has a blush pink unique and a retired “Grey Wolf”, which together hint at a lovely, grownup sort of pink palette to come.  I was inspired to create a bracelet based on her vision…

pink6The palest blush pinks give their soft glow to this bracelet, and subtle greys ground it and make it everyday wearable.  I added “Snowflake Obsidian”, “Labradorite” and a very dark “Dendritic Agate” to this mix.  “Khaki Stripe” and “Blue Desert” each contain a surprise hint of pink…

pink5For silver beads I selected an array of the fresh and lovely flower designs that are now available for us to play with… “Mom’s Bouquet” at left is of course one of the newest of these designs, but we also have “Blossoms”, “Swarm of Butterflies” and “Zanzibar”.

pink3No blush pink bracelet design would be complete without at least one “Rose Quartz” bead.  There are two in the Trollbeads collection – the round one at right, as well as the gorgeous faceted form.  I played with both but ended up choosing the more subdued smooth design for it’s contrasting texture with it’s faceted companions in the heart of this design.


Soft, pretty and simple… very tartooful.



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