Happy Valentine’s Day!

be-my-valentineHappy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Today we’re thinking of all the special people in our lives… our loving husbands, kids, families and beloved friends… as well as all the folks who become family through years of shared experience and support.

vday1It’s easy to dismiss Valentine’s day as a commercial intrusion on our lives, but I admit I enjoy Valentine’s Day.  The big card companies who originally conceived the idea don’t get any of my hard earned pennies regardless… and why wouldn’t we want to show our sweethearts how much we care every single little chance we get?

trollbeads-valentine-love-S_braceletThose little hand drawn cards, with carefully lettered “I love you”s from my kids… the thoughtfully selected gesture from my husband, they choke me up every time.  Love is simply a precious thing.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, to all of you who are so caring and wonderfully supportive to us at Tartooful.  We are honoured to have you as a part of our Trollie family, and appreciate all that you do for us.




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