Trollbeads Inspiration: Here comes the sun…


The honey warm tones of this composition are a welcome ray of sunshine in our cool and grey, Northern part of the world…

amber4I love this palette of spicy, coppery brown with oyster grey and lilac.  For this combination to really sing, it’s essential  that the lilac have a red undertone, rather than blue.  “Golden Cave” is a wonderful selection to bring the colours together…

amber2This “Unique Amber” is exceptionally lovely, with impressive girth and beautiful sparkle!  It’s generous size is well matched by the new “Blossom” bead in silver, and one of the quirky new “Pebbles” beads.  This particular pattern is highly individual, with wide variations in colour, size and iridescence.

amber6For example, the bead at left is technically the same pattern as the one below, but has a completely different mood about it.  In the bead at left, one sees largely lilac and blue, with only a trace of copper, shimmering in its depths.


The example at right has generous doses of amber, metallic copper, brilliant coral and lots of bright pink dicroic undertones.  It’s marvellous how it brings out the coral and pink iridescence on the surface of the “Black Silk” at its left.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Seahorse Clasp”, “Pebbles”, “Black Silk”, “Coral Branch”, “Fossils”, “Golden Cave”, “Swarm of Butterflies”  “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Coral Opal”, “Sunglasses”, “Red Tigers Eye”, “Dolphins”, “Beige Moonstone”, “Unique Amber”, “Blossom Bead”, “Pebbles”, “Silver Bead with Garnets” (retired), “Fur Flower” (retired), “Limited Edition Valentine’s 2013 Dangle”.

(* Note to Trollbeads:  “Swarm of Butterflies” in English sounds quite forbidding, like a whole bunch of insects on the warpath… perhaps “Flock” would have been a better choice of word?)

amber3One little combination that makes my heart sing is this “Coral Opal”, paired with “Purple Flower Mosaic”… I admire the chartreuse that is echoed throughout, and the citrus punch it gives this bracelet..




4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Here comes the sun…

  1. Hi!!! Ohhhh I really LOVE this colors too… I can not decide wich inspiration I like more, this one or the last… Do you think they would combine well if you wear two bracelets at the same time, one like this and one like the other??
    And with more of your favorite beads that you mention on the last post… Would be a perfect beach-natural-summer combinations!!! I LOVE!! Some day I will can have this lovelies and do this bracelets!!!:D

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