Trollbeads Inspiration: My Kind of Christmas Treat


With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all thinking about little treats at the moment.  Who wouldn’t want to unwrap one of these little indulgences on the day?

necklace2The first thing to catch one’s eye on this composition is the superstar 18k gold “Endless”… The textured swirl is warm and luxurious, and juxtaposes perfectly with that edge of polished shimmer.  Absolutely delicious!

necklace1Next my eye wanders to this glowing bead:  The “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”… It’s a masterful expression of the power of simplicity.  The gold core is overlaid with perfectly clear glass, in which are suspended faceted zircons.  That catch the light  beautifully from every direction.

necklace4These focal point beads could enhance almost any colour combination, but here the talented Cristi has added warm, chocolatey notes with the “Smoky Quartz” and walnut toned “Unique Amber”.  The multi white “White Paper Fold” plays nicely with the pearl.

necklace6“Prayer” was introduced as part of the spiritual collection.  This piece is designed to cradle a bead in the various figures’ arms, and is perfect as a dramatic silver pendant on a Fantasy Necklace.  Here it holds a sophisticated, faceted “Smoky Quartz”.


…Such a delicious Christmas treat… yum yum yum….


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