Trollbeads Inspiration: Winter Berries

Perhaps it’s a natural evolution from my “Copper & Pomegranates” colour obsession, but I just can’t get enough of this delicious berry palette at the moment.

I first started noticing this range of colour when some of our talented customers featured it in their bracelet designs.  The Cymbidium Bracelet, by YP and of course NO often plays with this tone in her bracelet designs as well.

I started dreaming about adding a Ruby to my own collection… and then a few uniques, such as this fantastic, graphically  punchy one started appearing in our stock.  I particularly love the metallic graphite dots in this particular design.

While I admire it as a colour, I’ve never really been a “Purple Girl”… but there’s just something a little different about this particular shade.  It leans strongly towards red side of the spectrum… more of a plum, or a berry note than a true purple.

Blended with warm blush pinks it evokes an orchid… and it plays beautifully with the sophisticated buff greys, blacks and bronze-golds of the current Limited Edition Holiday collection.  However, to really make it sing, add a touch of Trollbeads’ 18k gold.

In this bracelet design, we played up the seasonal berries theme by including the new “Lock with Buds”, the “Christmas Tree”, “Winter Snow”, “Soft Heart”, “Bougainvillea” and of course, “Winter Berries”.  Several of the “Christmas Decoration Kit” are dotted along the bracelet, mixed in with a few carefully chosen uniques.  Regular collection designs include “Purple Prism”. “Purple Bud”, “Third Eye Chakra” and the “Ruby with silver core”.

Simply delicious…


4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Winter Berries

  1. I LOVE!! And this is my Christmas ornament yum!!! 🙂
    the prism between my ornament is the purple prism? Is a lightly one, true?
    I love this composition… And ALL the beads that you have used..

    1. That’s exactly right! We’ve been seeing some lovely pale purple prisms. They show the light off the core, and almost have a hint of bronze about them. Delicious!

      Sent from my iPhone

      1. Ohh!! I want to collect one pale purple prism and a deep one…
        Is very beautiful this inspiration.. I have been a timw thinking in this rubi colors for a bracelet..
        I wanted to see the all bracelet in a picture like you usual do!
        But this pictures are great!!
        You saw my coment on the last entry?
        About the azure bubbles.
        Muak! (Is like xo, in Spanish )

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