Trollbeads Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments

We have fallen in love with the perfectly charming little Christmas Ornaments that Trollbeads has introduced this year… whimsical and sweet, they are a return to the magical Christmases of childhood.

They are composed of a round droplet of murano glass, suspended from a universal sized sterling silver ring in a burnished, satisfyingly heavy gauge.  With dots, flowers, swirls, glitter and abstracts, there’s something for every bracelet.

The whimsical final touch is the scalloped silver detailing at the top of the ornament.  It perfectly evokes the traditional ornaments that we hang on the tree every year.

Just looking at them turns me into a child again, wanting to play with these little treasures.  In fact, I couldn’t resist hanging them on a tiny tree for our Maileg Mice…. Enjoy a few pictures of shameless mouse cuteness!




You can find all these ornaments today in our Tartoofultoo Online Shop


6 thoughts on “Trollbeads Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments

  1. I enjoyed your display with the wonderful Christmas ornaments while in the store yesterday and enjoy them all over again today on your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    PS those mices are the cutest, any mouse mother would be envious.

  2. They are so cute… I thought the same when I see them the first time, “how wonderful would be put lots of this ornaments in a mini Christmas tree!!!!” And now you do it! It’s fantastic!
    Clearly, if I see real ornaments as beautiful as these, I would put it on my real Christmas tree!!!! But sure this ones are more beautiful..

    I’m happy to see that trollbeads is introducing a new thing in the New glasses… In the limited editions of this Christmas (the ornaments and the glass kits) the GOLD, and the gold with purpurin!!!! And I’m seeing that this is appearing too in the uniques that recently arrives… I love this!!!! I hope they introduce that in some permanent collection in the future… Now is only on the deserts, but is not the same thing, this golds looks different?
    Lot of kisses!!

  3. Oh how cute your mice are with TBs!

    I got the milk carton house and one of the mice in his matchbox bed for my grandson last year. I will now have to get him a tiny tree we can decorate with TBs!

    Once again I’m thinking our aesthetics are so in tune that it hurts to know how much distance divides us. =o

    1. Hi Sophie, you can find mini trees like this at craft shops in preparation for Christmas – or at dollhouse or model train shops to set up maquettes… I couldn’t resist them – they were too perfect for our mice and little glass tree ornaments!

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