Trollbeads Inspiration: A Blush of Gold

Rose & Gold is deeply feminine luxury…

Our second composition using Trollbeads’ golden Fantasy Necklace features a palette of delicate rose pink and rich gold.  It’s a honey sweet and decadent combination that feels like we are stepping into a Venetian fantasy…

Pink Venetian palazzos… tea roses… sunset prosecco… the gilded wing of a crumbling chapel ornament… the crisp rustle of metallic gold thread in raspberry silk… a honey scented mystery behind a gilded venetian mask… this is the fantasy.

A glimpse of gold between apricot tinted “Pink Prism” and the silver bubbles and gold ribbon of “Silver Trace, Gold”… it’s unexpected for those us us accustomed to seeing antiqued silver.  The golden light transforms the chemistry of the familiar colours.

The gold draws the element out of the bead designs – “Pink Desert”, “Golden Quartz”, “Golden Cave”, “Pink Prism” and “Pink Gold” all add their warm notes to the composition.

Here “Summer Dot” reflects the warm shimmer of its neighbours, and “Golden Cave” explodes in a fiery burst of molten rose gold.

Top to bottom:  “Pink Prism”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Large Berry”, “Pink Gold”, “Golden Cave”, “Summer Dot”, “Sun Circle”, “Golden Quartz”, “Pink Desert”, “Rose Quartz”.


and just like that, with the flutter of a gilded fan… exeunt.


5 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: A Blush of Gold

  1. I love this composition Cathy!
    It’s really like you said, the colors transports to images of Venetian palaces and tea roses!!!
    So delicate and rich…
    I have no words to describe it, but is absolutely fantastic!!!

    1. No question about it, yellow gold is back in favour – but now we love seeing metals mixed to create a metallic ” palette”, the same way we create a colour story. Thanks for the encouraging words, we have such fun with the blog it’s lovely to know other people enjoy it. C

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