Trollbeads Inspiration: Autumn Light

We recently had the pleasure of a visit with the lovely Jennifer.  You may recall that she and her partner Kevin designed “Loving Light”, one of this year’s winning beads in the Peoples Bead Contest.  This local pair of artists have a flair for design and an appreciation for Trollbeads that is apparent not only in their successful design, but also in the composition of Jennifer’s bracelets…

This unusual, cross shaped amber was a gift from Trollbeads to Kevin in his selection as a Peoples Bead Design Contest winner.  It cannot be a coincidence that both his design and this amber prominently feature cross images.

This is, of course, Kevin and Jennifer’s winning design.  Jennifer had the kernel of an idea, and Kevin applied his artistic talent and training to translate the idea to a polished drawing suitable for submission.

The golden ambers combine with the hot blues to create a classic palette that is equally at home in a formal or casual ensemble.  The sparkles of faceted stones, liquid clear ambers and cut crystal floating in glass help to make this design sing.

It’s an interesting mix of beads on this bracelet, with retireds, limited editions, uniques and regular collection all blended together.  Here’s the World Tour “Garden Gnome”, and retired “Brown Desert”.

In this photo, “Neither Fish nor Bird nestles between “The Diamond Bead, Blue” from the 2011 Christmas Collection, and this season’s star bead, “The Wave of Dreams”.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Safety Chain”, “Loving Light”, “Fur Flower” (retired), “Decorative Baby Rabbit”, “Milky Way”, (non troll), “Midnight Flower”, “Brown Desert”, “Garden Gnome” (World Tour Germany), “Unique Amber”, “Diamond Bead, Blue”, “Neither Fish Nor Bird, Big”, “Wave of Dreams”, “Unique Amber”, The Hare and the Tortoise”, “Golden Quartz”, “Skyline”, (World Tour Hong Kong), “Owl”, “Beach”, “Maple Syrup Amber”, “Loving Light”.

Thank you for the visit, Jennifer – and thank you for letting us share your bracelet!


3 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Autumn Light

  1. Beautiful, beautiful! What an exquisite bracelet! The amber gifted from troll is stunning and I also love how a loving light bead each sits at the end of the bracelet!

  2. Wow! That’s a very effective and striking color combination. I love how they’ve focused on translucence to give it all unity.

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