Trollbeads: It’s A Hard Job…

We’re hard at work this week, behind the scenes, preparing for our Trunk Show this Thursday!  We wish we could share every exciting step of the way with you… From when we first peek in the big box, to the magical moment when all the lovely beads lie shimmering on the play trays before us, ready to be arranged into neat rows on the racks… It’s truly inspiring to see that much variety all at once.

We’ve confirmed our Trunk Show Special Offer:

  • Complimentary Group 1 Bead with minimum $100 purchase

    In Addition, we will be making draws for door prizes throughout the day of the show… Bring a friend and if she makes a purchase we’ll pop an extra entry in the draw for you to say thank you!

    For those of you ladies who will be joining us for our Tartoofultoo Online Trunk Show, it will take place for one day only on Friday, October 5th.  We will honour the same specials as our in store show, and we will be uploading lots of fresh glass and amber uniques, so be sure to pop by to take a peek!

    Time to get back to fluffing the beads… (It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it…)


    PS Five sleeps!

5 thoughts on “Trollbeads: It’s A Hard Job…

      1. The armadillos, the green one of top left, the blue chalcedony and the amber unique, and the azure bubbles ( this is the one i like more ) the lightly one!

      2. Ah Cecilia, you have great taste! All of these beads are the tricky ones to find…

        The armadillos that you can see here are a “Raspberry Armadillo Unique” and a “Green Lilac Armadillo”. The raspberry ones do come through from time to time, and we can put your name down for one, but we have to be patient for those. The Green Lilac is a retired bead, from the original Tibetan series, and very coveted. The Green Bead at top left is a retired Chinese Jade. I had it on my bracelet a long time, and it slowly became more and more green – wonderful! The smooth Blue Chalcedony is retired, but we can generally still find them. If you are interested let me know and I will try to get you one. The azure bubbles is a nice light one, I agree! I already am watching for one like this for you!

        xo C

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