Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue Transition

Many of us who have soft, beach-y blue bracelets have enjoyed their sun bleached feel over the warm and bright Summer…. My palest blues, mixed with ivory and silver, were my constant companions over the past few months.

Now that the clouds and dim mornings are back with us I’m feeling the need to add a rich note to prepare my favorite blues for winter.  I want it to feel a little darker, a little more serious, maybe even a little more formal.  We recently tackled this design challenge with one of our lovely Trollies, MS…

We reached for some of the Autumn 2012 collection to add to her soft blue bracelet… “Wave of Dreams” ably transitions between light and dark, with a wide spectrum of blue and touches of warm vicuna, gold and even a hint of violet.  This complexity makes this bead design endlessly fascinating to me, and a welcome addition.

Dichroic glass shimmers with countless shades of blue, offering another way to bridge the spectrum of light to dark.  Its rich and luminous tone feels warm and luxurious, just right for the months ahead.  The indigo tones of “The Eye” and “Flower of Dawn” add additional depth to the revised bracelet, and help to balance the “Wave of dreams”.

“Moon Ocean” has long been one of my favorite blue designs, and I am delighted that the new series provides a number of complementary beads that offer even more design options for it.  In this composition it shimmers with a blue and gold glow that gives a jewel box richness to the bracelet.  The textured surface adds a wonderfully tactile interest.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Basic double lobster clasp”, “Wave of Dreams”, “Three Flowers, silver”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Hong Kong World Tour Auspicious”, “Wave of Dreams”, “Blue Desert”, “The Eye”, “Summer Jewel, Small”, “Light Blue Shadow”, “Flower of Dawn”, “Carved Flowers”, “The Eye”, “Silver Mountain”, “Jugend”, “Moon Ocean”, “Azure Bubbles”.

Do you have a bracelet that needs to “warm up” for Autumn?  Come see us to play and let us help you redesign your favorites…


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