Trollbeads Inspiration: Seduced by Reds…

We’re settling into the new collection… we’ve spent so many hours, playing with countless combinations and after a bit more time together some of the new reds are definitely beginning to seduce…

Scarlet Bud and Peach Flower are beginning to surprise me – they simply glow in the light, and are a truly gorgeous, almost iridescent tone of coral.  They weren’t the first beads to draw my eye, but they are singing to me now.  I like to play with them in combination with other shades of red, pink and orange.  These work well when contrasted with a deep, subtle grey.  We’ve made up a few satisfying combinations that include “Black Silk”, “Triple Pearl Black” and “Snowflake Obsidian”.

Here’s one favorite composition with the new “Black Onyx” Fantasy necklace, with a delicious combination of new corals, Malawi Uniques, Uniques, the “Large Berry” and of course a stunning “Triple Pearl Black”…



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