Trollbeads Inspiration: Sunlight Ribbon

This time of year, there’s a magical time of night when the sunset is reflected back by the glass towers across the harbour… it creates the illusion of a double sunset, with pink and golden light all around that softens the cold water to a warm chambray blue.  The ribbon of light stretches under the delicate span of the Lions Gate Bridge all the way to Ambleside.  This phenomenon only happens for a short time, before the sun shifts in the sky again and it’s gone until next Summer…

(Quick, better design a bracelet!)

This bracelet is lighter than the colours captured in the photograph… but it *feels* right to me.  The bubble of joy that the moment creates needed a light filled, homage to summer – and this shimmering composition is the result.

Of course, the key element is the ribbon of golden light, which is beautifully represented by “Light Blue Gold’.  This group two bead has a soft blue base with a rich band of gold leaf suspended in crystal clear glass… I love Trollbeads’ description:

“In the sunlit pastel blue ocean, stretches a river of the purest gold, as if Neptune had swam by.”


I couldn’t resist adding this spectacular bead… “Happy Universe” is one of my favorite gold and silver beads.  Designed by Soren Nielsen, it shows classic Trollbeads attention to detail, with wonderful character written on the faces of the sun and moon, and even joyful little stars scattered around the perimeter.  That would be reason enough to include this bead… but the description is the clincher:

“We live in an incredible place, and the Sun, the Moon and all the stars on this bead smile on us. Wear your own smile along with this bead to add even more joy.”

I reached for sparkling, summer-blue glass such as “Light Blue Stripe”, as well as suitably themed silvers to complete the bracelet.  Here you see the “Mermaid”, but I also added “Pisces”, which is simply a wonderful fish design, much too lovely to be considered only a zodiac.

I picked “Love Spoons” from the UK World Tour Collection for the knotwork patterning on its verso… It reminds me of the swirling waters at the mouth of the Capilano river, where the freshwater meets the salt.  I added the “Diamond Bead, White” to echo the sparkling tips of the waves as they catch the last rays of sun.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Basic Double Lobster Lock”, “Pisces”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “Unique”, “Diamond Bead, White”, “Love Spoons” (UK World Tour), “Light Blue Gold”, “Happy Universe”, “Crown Chakra”, “Love Spoons”, “Universal Unique”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “Light Blue Stripe”, “Mermaid”.

See you at the beach…


2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Sunlight Ribbon

  1. Wow, this bracelet and the specific way in which you chose each bead speeks to me! What a fabulous inspiration and representation of a north van-west van summer evening at the beach. Beautiful photo too!

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