So many Pretties!

We received a big, beautiful restock yesterday of Trollbeads and WOW there are so many amazing examples in the group… including a generous selection of the coveted “Mountain Crystal”, some extraordinary subtle blues, a unique that is reminiscent of retired “Vivienne” and even a couple of rare, bicolour armadillos!

…This would be a very good time to happen to drop by Tartooful… (wink wink)



9 thoughts on “So many Pretties!

    1. Yes we do! We’re proud to be Platinum level, authorized retailers of Trollbeads. We’d be very happy to help you create something wonderful, and will ship to you wherever you are…

  1. Thanks!!!! you can send me pictures of the azure bubbles, blue desert, flowers on indigo and blooming sakura that you have?? do you still have the trollbeads summer offer?
    I’ll write an email to let you know my email address

    kiss from spain!

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