Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue & White Beach Blanket

Recently I was at the beach with the kids, sitting in the shade of a friendly tree on a comfy, soft & faded, blue and white quilt, and had a little flash of inspiration for my “Blooming Sakura” bead… (Is it odd that I had my Trollbeads with me at the beach? Say it isn’t so…)

I decided to make up a fantasy necklace using the rich, medium blues of “Blooming Sakura” and “Green Lilac Armadillo”, along with a few blue-greys and crisp whites.  I love the way the “Labradorite” marries the greys and blues with its bright flash…

I was glad that this composition was a perfect fit for this lovely clear “Mountain Crystal” from the Switzerland World Tour series.  (One of my favorite new beads…)  Its pure white pops dramatically between these two darker beads, and catches the light in the prettiest way…

In this design, the “Blue Desert” functions as a grey element.  This works for this particular example of the bead, which is a dark, consistent gunmetal grey – but perhaps would not be as successful in other brighter examples.

Of course, the star of the design is the “Blooming Sakura” itself.  This is one of the most popular of the World Tour series, and with good reason.  It’s delicately modeled flowers are truly outstanding in the collection, and the colour palette is unique.

From top of necklace down towards pearl:  “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl” (retired), “Cells”, “White Steel”, “Blooming Sakura” (World Tour Japan), “Blue Desert”, “Spot” (retired), “Green Lilac Armadillo” (retired), “Mountain Crystal” (World Tour Switzerland), “Labradorite”, “Big Earth”.

(Composed on a Fantasy Necklace with Pearl.)


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