Trollbeads Inspiration: A Fresh take on Black and White

The black and white bracelet is a classic that never goes out of style… but with a tiny addition of unexpected colour, this simple wardrobe staple feels freshly minted.

JR recently redesigned her tuxedo bracelet to include a touch of cobalt blue, a change that was inspired by the acquisition of this amazing unique, with it’s rich dots of metallic platinum.  With black, white, and blue also included in the design, its palette pulls together a new look for the whole composition.

We delved into JR’s collection to find one additional bead to balance out the touch of blue and found this retired “Blue White Armadillo”.  This bead was introduced in 2006 and retired in 2008.  Isn’t it perfect in this bracelet?  Again, just an unexpected hint of brilliant cobalt blue makes all the difference.

The most dramatic change to the bracelet comes from the addition of a coveted “Tourmalated Quartz”… this bead was recently introduced in extremely limited quantities, packaged with the Lovely Trollbeads Book, which features mouthwatering photographs as well as detailed information about the history of the company and the designers who have created all our favorite beads.  This natural stone bead displays dramatic inclusions that make it a perfect centerpiece on this tuxedo bracelet.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Heart Stopper” (retired), “Black Dot”, “Ying Yang”, “Unique”, “White Bubble”, “Donna” (retired), “Triple Pearl, White”, “Tourmalated Quartz”, “Triple Pearl, White”, “Donna” (retired), “Diamond Bead, white”, “Blue White Armadillo” (retired), “Plait”, “White Flower”, “Black Armadillo”, “Brown Dot”, “Silver Stopper”.

Doesn’t it make you want to take another look at your own tuxedo bracelet?

Thank you JR…


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