Trollbeads Inspiration: Between Troll Friends

We’ve often spoken of the family of Trollbeads… On so many levels Trollbeads really does feel like a family:  The Aagaard – Nielsen Family that creates the magic… The Tartooful Family here in the village, with our kids, and dogs perfectly at home in the gallery… and of course the Trollie Family that we appreciate so much.  Our Trollie family spans the globe and means so much to us.

The story of this bracelet is the story of two friends who find themselves far apart, but continue to share in each others interests through the magical world of Trollbeads.  MS and RR share photos and inspiration with each other send each other remarkable beads for gifts.  You’d have to be a very good friend to give up the gorgeous Azure bubbles pictured at left, but that’s exactly what MS did for her dear friend RR.

Before she sent it off we took the time to arrange it on a bracelet featuring many of the beads that are already in RR’s collection, just to see how it would all look together.  It was so pretty, we did a little photo shoot so that we could share the with you, the viewers of our blog…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Clasp”, “Light Blue Stripe”, “Jugend”, “Desert Flower”, “Silver Mountain”, “Forget Me Not”, “Diamond Bead White”, “Azure Bubbles”, “White Stripe”, “Cherry Blossom”, “Light Blue Shadow”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Rose”, Light Blue Gold”.

The new addition to RR’s already lovely collection will look perfect nestled among its soft blues, airy whites and warm khakis.  The Azure has just the right shade of light blue and touch of sand to complement beads such as ‘Desert Flower” and “Light Blue Gold”.

A beautiful bead, and a beautiful “Trollfriendship”…


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