Oh, Canada!

Hey, Trollbeads…

We’re so excited to see and play with all the World Tour Beads later this week, but we couldn’t help but notice that somehow Troll has forgotten to design a set for Canada… I’m sure it’s a simple oversight; what with the Spring Collection, the Joyful re release, the Easter Eggs, the Rutilated Quartz, hosting the fabulous Vegas Academy, and now Big World – it’s been a very busy Spring!

We might have been just a little offended ( and then apologized for being so, very Canadian…) – but then we realized that there are so many beads in the regular collection that are Canadian in their inspiration,  perhaps the World Tour was just to make the rest of the countries feel better…

Some examples?  “Labradorite”, both for the territory of the same name, and for the Northern Lights that appear in its depths…. “Two sides to Everything” for the tempestuous marriage that is Francophone and Anglophone Canada… “Dichroic Ice”, for the majesty of our glaciers, Lake Eye for the Great Lakes, “Flying Geese” for our rascally Canada Geese, “The Diamond Bead” for our glittering mineral wealth… There are really too many to list them all.

However.  Despite all that we’d still like a tour set of our very own.

So without further ado, we’d like to present the official, totally and completely unofficial World Tour Canada Series!

Ice Bear

This majestic yet endangered creature is deeply symbolic for Canadians.  rare, beautiful, a determined and resourceful survivor and found only in Canada… We claim the Ice Bear as our own.

Silver Mountain

Canada is known around the world for its postcard perfect mountains.. From the family ski resorts of the Laurentians, to the majestic Rockies and the extreme sports playground that is the Coastal Mountain range… Canadians have an intimate and personal relationship with our mountains.  Tartooful is perched on the side of Grouse mountain, within sight of three ski resorts and within an easy drive of both Whistler and Blackcomb, the best skiing in North America… so for us, Silver Mountain simply speaks of “Home”.

Rolling Waves

From Sea, to Sea, to Sea… Canada’s coastline is kissed by three different oceans – the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Pacific.  Our history, music, folklore, heroes, songs and legends are soaked in the fresh air of a maritime way of life.  The three waves of “Rolling Waves” are a perfect fit for our three coasts, and an apt reminder of the dual nature of the ocean, with both its destruction and bountiful gifts.

Maple Syrup Amber

What could be more Canadian than a big family breakfast, sharing a laugh and a big plate of delicious pancakes with maple syrup?  I could write here of the resilience of a people living in a harsh land, making the most of their resources and creating bounty out of the forest… but instead, let’s think about a welcoming country of self-effacing people who see the funny side of life, and who never miss a chance to share the warmth of a good time with the people they love.

So please join us in welcoming the official, totally unofficial Canada World Tour Series, along with all the other beautiful countries’ designs… we’re so thrilled to launch the World Tour at Tartooful that we’ve decided to give the entire Canadian Series to one lucky Tartoofuler as our Gift…

Simply purchase four or more World Tour Beads at Tartooful between June 15th and July 15th 2012 and we will enter your name in a draw to win all four “World Tour Canada” bead designs!

So pack your bag, grab your passport and get ready for your very own “Grand Tour”… see you in the Village!


13 thoughts on “Oh, Canada!

  1. Every tourist ask if we have polar-bears in the streets in Norway, at least in the far north city of Tromsø, but we don´t.
    On Svalbard however (which is Norwegian), the island-group between the Arctic ocean, the Barents sea and the Greenland sea, the polar-bear is sometimes a little too present 😮
    Pity there is no Santa-bead, ´cause he is Norwegian! (even if the Finns and the Swedes will argue on that)..

    1. I’m afraid Canadians might quibble with you about Santa as well – after all, the North Pole is in Canada. (hush now, Russia…) I think we had all better agree to share Santa politely, in case we make the “naughty” list!

  2. I bet Canada will be in the next round of the World Tour. The campaign was so popular. Trollbeads would be foolish not to bring it back next year.

  3. Oh how very exciting! I love our official, totally unofficial Canadian world tour collection!!! Ah the beauty of Troll, every bead truly does have a story- sometimes one has the need to find a bead for their story and other times an exquisite bead captures your eye and a story that has been waiting for a bead is finally united with its match. Thank you Cathy!

  4. What a fun(and informative) blog! I think the bead choices are perfect!
    Can’t wait to see the “tour beads” Thanks See you soon

  5. Ha. Don’t feel too bad, canada. Personally, I am appalled at the choices of beads for the USA. The WHITEHOUSE? All the wonders in America and they pick something political, especially in a time when the country is so divided politically? Then we have a skull of a dead animal, when there are a gazillion other symbols of the west, such as cowboy boots, a wild mustang, all the flora and fauna in the area…and the smiley face? It’s just silly. While the glass bead isn’t too bad, it’s not very practical for a bracelet unless you want to go with a 4 th of July theme all the time. I don’t know what they were thinking when they designed the beads for America. I know I have zero interest in owning it.

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