Trollbeads Inspiration: Tuxedo

Today we continue to take a peek at the extraordinary collection of JR.  Her “Tuxedo” bracelet is a crisp black and white design… classic, pure and timeless.

Like all of her bracelets, it contains fascinating rare and retired beads that are a treat to see.  Pictured here is “Cappuccino”, one of the original Tibetan Series.  The series was part of the collection only for a brief time, as it was introduced in 2006 and retired in 2007.  The beauty and originality, of these beads, along with the limited numbers produced have conspired to make these highly coveted and collectible designs.

The matte finished “Donna” stands out in any composition, and the pair of them in this design make a particularly strong graphic statement.  This unusual bead is part of a series inspired by legendary fashion designers.  “Donna” honours Donna Karan.  Others in the series include beads inspired by Alexander Julian, Issey Miyake, Vienne Westwood and Doce & Gabbana.  This series was introduced in 2005 and retired in 2008.

No black and white composition would be complete without the “Diamond Beads”… since their introduction they have consistently topped the list as the most popular and top selling designs in the collection… and with good reason!  With their 13 sparkling crystals, they are a dramatic centerpiece on any bracelet.  These designs are available in both the classic black and white, as well as raspberry  and royal blue.  In addition, the black and white diamond beads are available in both classic and universal core sizes.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Sterling Fish Lock”, “Silver Stopper”, “Angles, Tip” (retired), “Brew of the Moor”, Triple Pearl, White”, “Black Gold”, “The Midgard Serpent”, “Happy Fish”, “Milan”, “Donna” (retired), “Mocha”, “Diamond Bead, white”, “Cappuccino” (retired), “Lotus, “White Bubbles”, “Donna” (retired), “Ying Yang”, “Diamond Bead, Black”, “Triple Pearl, White”, “Plait”, “Sandi” (retired), “Silver Stopper”.

What would you design if you could play with JR’s remarkable collection?  Stay tuned for a peek at bracelets that Cristi & I made up when we were given free run in JR’s jewellery box!


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