Happy Long Weekend, Happy Bracelet

Hello Tartoofulers, I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend – and that you managed to squeeze all your outdoor activities into our one sunny day!  I shuffled the plants in the garden around so they are enjoying a good rain to help them settle in.

Today I want to share a ray of sunshine with you – RT’s Happy Bracelet!

This bracelet was inspired by her acquisition of two cheerful “Manga” beads.  They set the fresh, lime green, black and white palette, upon which she has expanded with her trademark array of big, beautiful uniques and oversized silvers.

The “Troll Coin” usually stands head and shoulders above other beads on a bracelet, but here it fits right in, next to this enormous green, black and white spotted unique.  A number of the glass repeat the design element of dots, including the LE glass Egg.

This, latest addition to the bracelet was a fortunate find… Lime green was one of the rare colours from this Spring Limited Edition, and even more so with these perfect white speckles.  Attached to the small end of the clasp, it makes a chic addition to the bracelet.

The silvers further echo the theme of happiness… here “Happy Fish” in 18k gold and silver is pictured.  This petite bead is best featured as RT has done, next to the clasp at the end of a bracelet where its highly detailed fish images may be seen and enjoyed.

“Happy Universe” shows the smiling sun in 18k gold, the moon in silver and scattered all around are stars…

Clockwise from clasp”  “Freja Knot Lock”, “Happy Fish, 18k and silver”, “Green Stripe Bubble”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac series x 3”, “Unique”, “Troll Coin”, “Unique”, “Gekko”, “Manga Bead”, “Happy Universe”, “Manga”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac series x 3”, “Unique”, “Jugend”, “Limited Edition Easter Egg”.

Note how RT has clustered her Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac beads to give them additional visual impact.  These beads are quite slender, and might get lost among the oversized glass and silver that RT selected for this design.  By grouping them in this way they function together as a single large silver, and have a wonderful effect.

There’s always something to learn from RT’s designs… (Thank you, RT!)


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