Trollbeads Inspiration: A New Bracelet Every Day

Every Trollie approaches their collection a little differently, and that approach may even change over time… Some people design specific bracelets, one at a time, and leave them composed once they are perfectly to their taste.  Others compose several at a time, adding beads whenever they find something wonderful.  Others still only have one chain, but a whole bowlful of beads from which they choose designs to compose bracelets according to their taste that day, week or season.

The owner of the bracelet pictured here is the lovely young Mum who created “E’s Indigo Blues”.  We already shared with you another update to her original bracelet design… but over time her collection has grown enough that now she can create beautiful, fresh bracelet combinations on a whim – and she does!

We so enjoy seeing what she has put together each time she pops into the gallery… and this time we were quick to snap a few photos of this soft and pretty design to share with the readers of the blog.

This bracelet seemed particularly topical, based on the in-progress designs that we are seeing in the Village this Spring:  many of our ladies are mulling similar, light-as-air compositions featuring ivory and the softest of natural blues.

Key bead choices for to achieve this type of blue might include “Silver Mountain”, “Blue Desert”, “Light Blue Shadow (retired)”, and “Chalcedony (retired).  Ivory is rare in the Trollbeads collection, but new introduction, “White Paper Fold” plays nicely with “Conch” and “Fireflies”.

Many of the “Desert” series of bead designs have hidden hints of blue in their depths… this “Desert Flower” reveals it’s electric blue heart when placed near another blue bead… the clever use of these two designs helps to further emphasize the soft blue theme of this bracelet.

Some of you may recall that E has a very unusual “Trinity”, with a pearlescent, white glass.  This photo shows another side of this bead – a lovely rich blue with lots of depth and texture.  The combination of the two stones on one bead firmly sets the colour theme for this bracelet.

I admire the glowing “Chalcedony (retired)” in this photo, and it reminds me that light is huge element in this bracelet design.  Many of the beads selected are experts in transforming, reflecting and amplifying light… the result is a bracelet that plays with light in myriad ways.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Silver Fish Lock”, “White Stripe”, “Fireflies”, “Chalcedony (retired)”, “Frames”, “Grey Prism”, “Milky Quartz”, “Trinity”, “Brown Dot (retired)”, “Silver Mountain”, “The Diamond Bead, white”, “Waves”, “Blue Desert”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Desert Flower”, “Mermaid”, “Light Blue Shadow”, “Conch”, “White Bubbles”.

I find this design so inspiring… I hope you have too.  Thank you, E!


5 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: A New Bracelet Every Day

  1. Thank you to both Cathy and Cristi For inspiring me!!
    It is always a delight to see you went I come into the store and get my troll fix……

  2. very nice ……………..i need some oranges to finish my thailand themed bracelet… hint hint……….

  3. Wonderful bracelet! I don’t often mix white and cream – but this is just lovely! Beautifully balanced and so soothing. Love the cool color mix.

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