Trollbeads Inspiration: NO’s Trunk Show Finds…

We are all familiar with NO’s talent for creating beautiful, subtle, colour washed bracelet compositions… But just look at what she has composed, using her latest finds from the “Universal Love” Trunk Show at Tartooful!

This bracelet is a new experiment for NO: a “Transitional Colour” design, it gently changes from one colour family to another around the span of the bracelet.  Here you see  a delightfully rich and fat “Dichroic Ice” and a lavender flower Universal Unique.

This amazing “Azure Bubbles” is a showstopping feature bead on this bracelet.  It’s so beautiful that it holds its own, even next to the gorgeous “2+2” in pure 18k gold!  This “Azure Bubbles” is a key element in the design, as it artfully transitions from plum to green…

…And what a gorgeous green it is!  Dancing between teal, aqua and green, NO displays her “Limited edition Chinese Jade”, “Retired Green Dot”, “Light Blue Braid” and a lovely little “Universal Unique” in a deep jade swirl with gold glitter.

This periwinkle blue is a pretty, delicate note on the bracelet.  In this composition, NO shows her gift for finding and combining very unusual tones to create unexpected and beautiful palettes… The gold beads play a key role, offering a warm note that plays throughout the design.  The two beads on the left of this photo are near perfect positive & negative opposites of each other… they are a little design “wink” on this bracelet!

In this transition the gold plays a particularly key role:  note how the warm tone of the “initial N” is echoed in the lavender flower Universal Unique.  The contrast between the rich opacity of the “Gold Core Ruby” and  the light filled glass adds interest to the composition.

Clockwise from Clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Clasp”, Silver safety chain, 18k gold spacer (retired), “Universal Unique”, “Glass Unique”, “18k gold “Lotus”, “Universal Unique”, “Universal Unique”, “Strawberries – sterling & 18k gold”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Universal Unique”, “18k gold Initial N”, “Gold Core Ruby”, “Stars – 18k & diamond”, “Azure Bubbles”, “2+2 18k gold”, Glass Unique”, “Light Blue Braid”, “18k gold Endless”, “Green Dot (retired)”, (Non-Troll), “Limited Edition Chinese Jade”, “18k gold spacer (retired)”.

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous bracelet with us, NO…


2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: NO’s Trunk Show Finds…

  1. I see many very nice, I don´t comment all because if not stop! but this I love chinese jade, azure bubbles as always, and the unique lavander!

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