Trollbeads News: Joyful Bead Re-released!

This just in!

“Mother’s Day is coming up. This is our chance to celebrate our mothers by lavishing our love upon them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to give them lots of presents too.

In honor of this world-wide celebration we are delighted to announce that Trollbeads has taken the unusual step of reintroducing, FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME, a retired item: The “Joyful bead”. This bead is from 1998 and was retired from the collection in 2006. Joyful is a silver bead in a pleasant spiraling and curving pattern. The Joyful bead is Price Group 5.

This bead is for she who gives unconditional love and tenderness. It is for she who makes sure everyday life is easy and wonderful; for she who is always there for you and who will always be special in your life.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days and dates around the world, starting with the UK who celebrate their Mother’s Day on March 18, 2012. Sweden is the last to celebrate on the last Sunday in May. Most of the rest of the world celebrate this day on first or second Sunday in May. This means that the release date will vary across countries.”

Mother’s Day Debut Bracelet

As a unique gift, here at Tartooful, we are also offering a beautiful Mother’s Day Joyful Bracelet, at the special price of $169.95; this offer is also available for a limited time only.  The bracelet includes Trollbeads’ “Joyful bead”, a sterling silver foxtail bracelet and a silver “Lace Lock”.  This is wonderful way to begin her Trollbeads story!

2 thoughts on “Trollbeads News: Joyful Bead Re-released!

  1. what a wonderfully delightful surprise. is it possible to purchase the bead without the bracelet? if so, i would love to obtain one. MaLa

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