Trollbeads Inspiration: Glowing Gold & Amber

This bracelet feels like liquid sunshine!  It was such a pleasure to play with and photograph; it’s the perfect antidote to our dark and rainy winter.

The magic starts with the rich golden chain, peeking through between the beads… Then each unique amber bead adds another shimmer of glowing, honey gold.

Unique ambers feature all different textures, finishes and colours… and a simple bracelet like this is the perfect showcase for their beauty.  Here you see a clear,  faceted amber, with lots of sparkling inclusions to catch even more light.  The detailed silvers catch and reflect the golden tones.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Lock”, “Unique Amber”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Ox”, “Unique Faceted Amber”, “Happy Universe”, “Unique Amber”, “Silver Whorl”, “Unique Amber”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Rabbit”, “Unique Amber”.


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