Trollbeads at your fingertips

At Tartooful we have a special treat on the shelves at the moment:  a delicious array of Trollbeads rings!

These beautiful little confections are so perfectly designed… comfortable, elegant and each with a distinctly “Troll” feel.  The silver are intricately wrought, with a satisfyingly solid, heavy weight to them.  The glass are fascinating, with shimmering forms in their depths and a truly glorious palette of colour.

Baby’s Breath

“A tender garland of tiny Babys breath winds itself around your finger. A beautiful and delicate ring. “

Blue Flower

“Silver stems entwining your finger and supporting three bright blue flowers caught in a drop of dew. “

Hawthorn and Pearl

“The flowers and leafs of the Hawthorn hides a small freshwater pearl. Very simple and yet complex as only nature can create it. “

Eye of Aphrodite

“Aphrodite is the goddess of love in Greek mythology. The symbol of beauty and passion. Her all seeing eye leading us gently along the path of love. “


“A miniature crown for your finger. Making you the ruler of your own life. And then it goes really well with other rings. “

Come play with these lovely little toys while they last…


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