Trollbeads Friends: Well Done Anne!

Congratulations to Anne Lilleby of Norway for making it to the finalist round of the Trollbeads “Peoples Bead” design competition!  Trollbeads set a theme for this year’s competition, to create a “Spiritual Collection”, and Anne’s entry is a brilliant answer to the challenge.

In describing her bead, Anne says:

“Got you!”

“People have an urge to search for the “golden treasure” at the end of the rainbow. A dream is a wanted movement of awareness at day, an unimpeded motion at night. A spiritual floating fantasy through dimensions unknown. Suddenly you see the whole picture, or you may believe you caught it in a glimpse – but then it´s gone!

A bead with a golden core, covered with a thin layer of transparent glass in the colors of the rainbow: red/orange, yellow/green, blue/indigo and violet – but there are only 7 rainbow colors so the last 1/8 has to be clear to show a glimpse of the golden core. An armadillo design where the “shells” are opaque white, and the layers between them are transparent glass revealing the colors and the gold deep inside.

(well…maybe a straighter cut and wider columns than an armadillo?)”

Regular readers of the blog may recall that Anne, (a Tartooful regular), was kind enough to share images of her gorgeous collection with us…

Please log in to Trollbeads Universe to view all the finalists and to cast your vote for which designs should enter the “Spiritual Collection” in August, 2012.  Anne, you’ve got my vote!

9 thoughts on “Trollbeads Friends: Well Done Anne!

  1. Thank you Cathy for advertising my design 🙂
    Hope many of your readers will vote for a rainbow armadillo?

    You know you can vote for more than one in the “Peoples Bead” competition?
    Trollbeads is going to launch a whole collection of the winning beads on August 3rd. !!!

    I´m pretty proud, and hope many of you would love to have my bead on your bracelets 😀

  2. Anne, you have my vote, I could not imagine a more beautiful design to express my own spirituality. Good luck to you, I know you will be one of the ten finalists, and I will purchase one of your lovely beads. MaLa

  3. I would very much like to vote for Anne, however, having problems with the site, as it will not allow me to read the descriptive part of the bead due to it moving out again very quickly, and only leaving the enlarged picture of the bead with no option or box showing where I can place my vote. Can you enlighten me regarding this? Much appreciated. MaLa

  4. Hi MaLa thanks for liking my design 🙂
    I had to send this comment to Trollbeads last night:
    “Hi Trollbeads, you have finally improved the functionality for voting! So now the submission is zoomed open right there when we click on it! BRAVO!!! 
    BUT we are not able to scroll lower than the voting-button, so we are unable to read each description 😦
    Can you please look into this matter fast?”

    Trollbeads cannot be known for such bad functionality? It´s “neanderthalish”, they really need to invest a little (or a lot) in computer tecnology to present themselves in a modern way!
    Send promptly a mail describing your frustration too to

  5. Thank you, Anne, for being instrumental in bringing this uncomfortable situation to the attention of the people at Trollbeads.
    We can now see the description, the picture of the design, as well as the vote button. And I voted for you. MaLa

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